Honda Insight 1.0 specs

Honda Insight 1.0

Year 2006

Engine 67 hp

Acceleration time 12 s for 0-100 km/h

Top track speed 180 km/h

Max torque Nm 89 Hm

Country of origin Japan
Acceleration time from 0 to 100 km / h (INC / ACT) 12 / -
Maximum speed, km / h (INC / ACT) 180 (-)
Fuel tank capacity 40
Issue of CO2 on the combined cycle, g / km (INC / ACT) 80 / -
Conformity Euro IV
Type Manual / Automatic
Displacement, cc 995
Location of valves and camshaft SOHC VTEC
Bore, Stroke, mm 72 x 81.5
Power, hp (kW) at RPM 67 (49) / 5700
Maximum torque Nm / rpm 89 / 4800
Number of Valves 4
Compression 10.8
Fuel AI-95
Manual 5-speed
1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -
Home 5.69
Rear 3.230
Automatic 4-speed
drive front
Class Body B
Number of doors (places) 3 (4)
Dimensions, LxWxH 3945 X 1695 X 1355
Wheel base, mm 2400
Track front / rear, mm 1400 / 1325
Ground clearance (clearance), mm 150
Curb vehicle weight, kg 839 ... 853
tire size P165/65 R14
Disk Size 14 X 5.5J
Front suspension MacPherson
Rear suspension Torsion-Beam
Front brakes ventilated disc
Rear brakes drum
Movement gear rack, power

Specs Honda Insight 1.0

My patron wields Honda Insight 1.0 and I reckon that he must be really joyful about his wheeler, I wish I contemplated him clamouring. The one and only default he must share about Honda Insight 1.0 must be really stiff steering, while you can stop feeling it, surely since you must be a normal male and lending some push into operating the bars may not mean for you too much discomfort.

The stuff which may be really hazardous about Honda Insight 1.0 may be that it's appointed with a gutty mill which should bring the discussed machine to amass tempo considerably promptly, while the drags may not be matching, that is why the jeopardy of collisions was escalating. Since you could invest in a cabriolet for a person who cherishes tempo and was not indeed proficient, miss Honda Insight 1.0. For a prudent holder it could be amazing.

Honda Insight 1.0 would be for sure cooler than the previous issue of the the ditto manufacturer, for the ground that really many ameliorations have been put to the vehicle. Among them comers can have the opportunity to espy the larger passenger compartment, the more suitable operating and in addition to that much more potent soundproofing. Honda Insight 1.0 must also cover passengers from hostile outdoor conditions, readers can loathe definitely commodious inside the commented vehicle.

Carmen may enjoy the cockpit of Honda Insight 1.0, for the ground that it was indeed comfy, the cover of the pews might be pulpy and of an attractive tint, the class of the cloth might be decent. I suggest that driverspa could cherish it to the edge of expressing no aim to issue from the motor for good. :-))) Surely, Honda Insight 1.0 must not hold top engineering adjectives while nobody must contest its being a cosey motor.

I should suggest Honda Insight 1.0 for motor-car masters who may not wish to move their cabriolets in strange circumstances, for the cause that the motor may be rather hard-driving as to the grade of ways it's employed on. Since you should request to win new areas on your cabriolet, opt a yond one. Honda Insight 1.0 can be fabulous for recent good roadways.

Honda Insight 1.0 will hold a preference of being incredibly wreck-resistant. According to the coverage from rather many resources it will be the motor which might not receive too substantial harm since it entered an incident. It can not allude that owners can arrive to be carefree on the way, yet, it must be great to consider that the engineers of Honda Insight 1.0 advanced the car's grade of crashworthiness.

In sum, I appreciated Honda Insight 1.0, the only one detail which embittered me heavily would be that it must not functionate properly when the essence must be low, you must need to pay attention to the liquid tank being tanked all the time, continuously it must not be completely suitable. And yet, with enough essence Honda Insight 1.0 would behave decently. I would not arrive to find more disadvantages of the commented wheeler.

Investing in Honda Insight 1.0 I didn't find a list of little issues which got sensible after and requested some funds to get reformed in the refinement salon, yet, after this attendance the motor served well, I must not grumble. Maybe, not all Honda Insight 1.0 can have the akin problems, and once they must not, the cabriolet will be over sublime.

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