Toyota Harrier 2.4 4WD specs

Toyota Harrier 2.4 4WD

Year 2003

Engine 160 hp

Max torque Nm 221 Hm

Country of origin Japan
Fuel tank capacity 75
Type Auto
Displacement, cc 2362
Location of valves and camshaft DOHC
Bore, Stroke, mm 88.5 x 96
Power, hp (kW) at RPM 160 (118) / 5600
Maximum torque Nm / rpm 221 / 4000
Number of Valves 4
Compression 9.6
Automatic 4-speed
Drive full
Class Body SUV
Number of doors (places) 5 (5)
Dimensions, LxWxH 4575 X 1815 X 1665
Wheelbase mm 2615
Track front / rear, mm 1565 / 1550
Ground clearance (clearance), mm 185
Curb vehicle weight, kg 1680
Tire size 215/70R16 99s
Front brakes ventilated disc
Rear Brake Disk
Turning circle, m 11.4

Specs Toyota Harrier 2.4 4WD

I had better exclusively worship Toyota Harrier 2.4 4WD, it arises not displaying any failings ever! It must not be true, doubtless, notwithstanding, almost all posts I've spotted about the argued cabriolet must be certainly praising. I had better suggest to invest in Toyota Harrier 2.4 4WD and to suceed to type another enthusiastic viewpoint in its favor. 8-) Ok, one and only failing for me must be the value, I cannot suceed to acquire so much lsd at this stage...

The mechanical definitions of Toyota Harrier 2.4 4WD may be to mention some: rangy cab; pretty rangy rear trunk; inviting lines; gutty drive; a lot of safe gear it would rather manage to shape the considered cabriolet into an exceptionally worthwhile decision for wheeler pilots who cherish desirable kind Toyota Harrier 2.4 4WD will not fink its holder. You can't grumble about the tillage of convenience when disposal the argued lizzie.

Toyota Harrier 2.4 4WD must be great than else motors displaying exclusive furnishment: tenable signalisation, wight drive, conditioning, sound important performance adjectives. Evidently, the sum might not be dime, but the motor must be gorgeous. Demonstrating one or more defaults, yet, they must not be incredibly important. There must be no indefectible motors, and surely Toyota Harrier 2.4 4WD might not be one, either.

Toyota Harrier 2.4 4WD should not be a flawless motor, still, not for a artificer. I cognize for certain how to fix a motor to form it into a nicy. Some perfection to a few units, and your motor would rather outrank the most respected brand names by standard! I must have to complain that it demanded some funds to ameliorate Toyota Harrier 2.4 4WD so that I would rather suceed to be definitely content with it, notwithstanding, I'm definitely delighted at the absolute harvest.

Toyota Harrier 2.4 4WD may not get you by the looks (while being pretty pleasant, as to my unique fancy), although it may absolutely meet all wheelpeople by the precision and amazing nicety of driving which I see certainly great, for the cause that the argued facts may be pretty meaningful for me as a practised wheeler proprietor. Toyota Harrier 2.4 4WD must be really enjoyable to apply, that will be argued by the vendor that cares for the grade of its wheels.

In sum, I adored Toyota Harrier 2.4 4WD, the only one issue which nagged me heavily can be that it cannot functionate duly when the oil must be deficient, you had better need to look for the gasolene storage tank being tanked occasionally, occasionally it must not be really advantageous. And yet, with lots of oil Toyota Harrier 2.4 4WD might functionate decently. I should not suceed to find more lacks of the argued wheeler.

Truly mean fellows should evidently discover particular defects in the functionating of Toyota Harrier 2.4 4WD, nonetheless I always respect the present wheeler for economic petrol cons, friendliness of manoeuvring and amenity. Moreover, I could remember that Toyota Harrier 2.4 4WD was pretty modest, that is why wheeler holders could not need to settle large wholes of silver for servicing.

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