Mustek GP-220 review

Mustek GP-220

Brand Mustek

Type laptop
Chipset Centrality Atlas III (Channels: 16)
Slots SD
Display LCD-color (touch)
Interface USB
Use car
Built-in map yes
Ability to load local maps yes
Function route calculation yes
Voice Messages yes
Screen Type LCD-color
Diagonal screen size 3.5 inch.
Touch Screen yes
Screen backlight yes
Battery own Li-Ion
Number of batteries 1
Battery capacity 1400 mA * h
Connecting an external power source (12 B) yes
Ability to charge the batteries yes
Name of the chipset Centrality Atlas III
Number of channels of the receiver 16
Accuracy: Position 10 m
Accuracy Velocity 0.1 m / s
Refresh rate 0.1 times / s
Hot start 5 s
Warm start 38 s
Cold 45
Antenna Type Interior
Connection USB
Connector Headphone yes
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