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Customizing automobiles remains a priviledge of prosperous individuals and in addition to that extravagant personalities, demonstrated the statistics on which Carlsson is based on. The reason for this situation would be considerably simple - the elevated expense of this kind of service would actually scare away less prosperous individuals who would have the opportunity to obtain an automobile, but not too much in addition to that. Nevertheless, as Carlsson discovered, the customizing workshop would not complain at the deficiency of customers, for the reason that the popularity of this kind of maintenance would be increasing recently, and sometimes there would be something like silent competition among high-standard automobiles possessors in advancing their automobiles which would be considerably entertaining to contemplate.

The amounts disbursed on customizing would be extraordinarily impressive. Carlsson demonstrates that embellishing an automobile would have the opportunity to cost more than the acquisition of it. Nevertheless, advancing high-standard automobiles in such a manner has become a favourite entertainment of people with substantial incomes. Carlsson proposes a customizing workshop which would have the opportunity to propose high-standard services for advancing any trade mark of an automobile by individual design presented by the customer or developed by the labourers.

Following the contemporary fashion, the majority of customizing workshops actually operate in the direction of transforming automobiles into more powerful or more beautiful. In addition to that, as Carlsson demostrates, approximately 65% of all contemporary customizing designs would be for practical and not prestige reasons. The percentage of ordinary non-exclusive automobiles being customized is constantly increasing, together with the selection of services proposed by customizing workshops.

Would automobile possessors always believe that customizing would be exclusively for high-standard automobiles for the reason that it would be extraordinarily expensive? Carlsson demonstrates that this kind of a thought would be extraordinarily outdated. At the moment customizing workshops propose a great number of treatments for all categories of automobiles. It would not be important if you possess an inexpensive second-hand automobile or presumably a motorcycle, while you have an interesting project of customizing, the personnel of the customizing workshop would be willing to make your dreams come true! In addition to that, according to the statistics in Carlsson, the insignificant percentage of ordinary automobile possessors ordering customizing services would depend on the ignorance of possessors rather than expensiveness of the maintenance.

Carlsson demostrates the wonderful results for the contemplated period in despite of the difficult economic conditions and the increasing number of customizing workshops in the country. The mechanics employed there would not only be technicians, they would also be creators, for the reason that these definitely talented individuals would have the opportunity to transform an ordinary automobile into a piece of art, and a high-standard automobile would become an incredible masterpiece. According to the statistics obtained while writing Carlsson the demand for customising high-quality expensive automobiles would be substantially more important than the demand for the similar servicing of ordinary cars, which would be completely understandable, for the reason that wealthy people who would have the opportunity to afford a luxurious automobile would be more interested in spending another payment for the embellishment of their acquisition.

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